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Monday, 14 April 2014

Summer Programme 2014 - Now on Tuesdays

We have sent out emails to each Scouts contact email address but just to reiterate it here.  Scouts has now moved to Tuesday evenings, still from 7pm - 9pm as before.

Scouts.  As much fun as before, or maybe even more, but now with added leader attendance reliability.

We now have enough Scouts to move to four patrols.  The Kestrels have landed!  The last time we created a new patrol, Stags, they won the patrol of the term competition for the next 2 terms.  Will Kestrels take the crown from them this summer term, or will Stags extend their winning streak, or will Wolves or Ravens wake up and smell the prizes?

This is the plan for the main activities for the 2014 summer term.  Although things might change the current programme looks like this...

29th April 2014
Drag racing
6th May 2014
Different ways to light a fire
13th May 2014
First Aid
20th May 2014
Every part of a Dandelion is edible
27th May 2014
Half Term - No Scouts
3rd June 2014
Team building games
10th June 2014
Backwoods cooking
17th June 2014
24th June 2014
Scout Bases
27th - 29th June 2014
Malvern Challenge weekend
1st July 2014
Fitness challenge - part II
8th July 2014
Games in Millison's Wood
15th July 2014
It's a knockout

Unless specifically stated we meet at 7pm on a Tuesday at the scout hut in Meriden.
For more information about when and where we meet please click here.

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