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Monday, 24 September 2012

Camp at Beaudesert

Scouts and Cubs combined and had a great weekend at Beaudesert camp, site 20, Broadhazels.

There was abseiling



Team 3 built the best bivouac.

Then there was climbing.



There was plenty of eating.

Fires were lit and bread was cooked.

Scout tent inspection. Overall winners were Bethany and Alisha, although you won't win next time if you don't BRING A RAIN COAT!!!!!!!

The final challenge was bridge building. Everyone worked well together and made a contribution. We thought we would let the Scouts test it out first.

By the end all the Cubs and Scouts managed to get on.

The camp was a great success, the rain held off for all the activities although the Sunday afternoon storm meant that all the tents (and some of the kids) came back very wet.

Thanks to everyone who came along to help, especially Chris (when she wasn't on a training course) and Graham - the Chefs.

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